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Sunday School

Sunday School For All Ages

We believe that church is more than just Sunday Worship Services. God did not create us to live our faith alone. We were created to connect with one another, and our Sunday School classes give us this opportunity to connect in a meaningful, loving environment. Our classes are designed to be very open and inviting, where members can connect, support, encourage, and challenge one another to live a full, rich life that God created for us. Each class strives to encourage biblical-based growth through study and service.

So if your looking for more than just a Sunday morning Worship experience, we invite you to join one of our Sunday School classes and really dive into God word. We look forward to helping you in your Christian walk and the blessings received by your presence and involvement as well. Take a look through our classes below and note the contact information made available if you would like more information about the current study for each class.

Please bear with us as we are in the process of updating our class listings. Full list will be available soon.

Children's Sunday School

Children in grades Pre-K-5 are welcome to join the elementary age Sunday school class. Our programming, Simply Loved, is focused on making Bible stories come to life with the kids acting out each story. Each Sunday, we learn new songs and dances, check in with our Bible buddy for the month, play a game & dive into a new Bible story. Each month, there is a theme that the stories focus on, such as God’s love, how great God is in times of trouble, etc. Our Bible buddy is an animal that helps us learn our memory verse for that month. We have so much fun in Sunday school!

Our class is located off of the fellowship hall.

Youth Sunday School

Join us in the 412 Youth Cafe for topics of discussion for 6th-12th grade students.  While our discussions and lessons are always scripture-based, they are geared towards meeting the students where they are in their spiritual growth.  Be sure and check out Wednesday Night 412 Youth Group as well!

Adult Sunday School

B3 - "Becoming Better Believers" Class

This is an adult class of varying ages.  We have an informal round-table discussion focusing on the scripture text that the pastor has referenced for the sermon each week.  This gives us a great opportunity to delve deeper into studying the scripture, talking about sermon points that especially speak to us as individuals and trying to answer any questions anyone might have. We have on occasion also done short book or video studies to correspond with the church calendar during Lent or Advent.  We share joys and concerns and uplift one another in prayer.

We encourage missions by supporting the Family Resource Center's snack bag program that goes home with Marshall County School Children for the weekend as well as providing a meal for the College students at MSU's Wesley Foundation on one Tuesday night each semester.   Keeping each other accountable through regular study, prayer and service, we expect to see growth occur in each other - thus fulfilling our name - "Becoming Better Believers"

Beacons Of Light Class

We are a group of young adults who study books of the Bible and the occasionally book study together. We also have women and men’s night out at different times within the year. We offer different fellowship opportunities throughout the year as a class.  We meet in the room adjacent to the Youth Group Sunday School Class.  We have a spot on the couch waiting for you and all are welcome to join us!

Faith Journey Class

This class is a group of mature adults whose focus is studying the Bible with the intent of understanding God's word more fully to grow our faith.  While probably ninety percent of the time we study the Bible, on occasion we do a book study.  In addition, the class has taken on the mission of preparing Christmas boxes for Samaritan's Porch.  This is a year long project culmination in a gathering to stuff boxes and fellowship together.  In addition, we provide a meal for students who participate at the Wesley Center at Murray State University. 

Christian Foundations

Christian Foundations is a class for 40+ with a focus on spiritual growth and Christian fellowship. We share our God stories as a way to prepare us for witnessing for the Lord to others.  Class discussion is in a relaxed environment and we study a wide variety of topics including material by Max Lucado, David Platt, Kyle Idleman, and Francis Chan to name a few. We also take time to pick a study with a focus on a particular book in the Bible. Our class supports the Benton Family Resource Center as well as other ministries as needed. Discussions can be lively and thought-provoking and we always focus on building each other up for the Kingdom.

Jane Riley Class

The Jane Riley Class is currently doing a discussion/study series on Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis led by Bill Hainaut.  The average age of this class is 60+ but all are welcome to join us each Sunday Morning.