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Journey Of Faith

Three Crosses Church incorporates a process of developing a plan of intentional faith development to partner with our congregation to become disciples of Jesus Christ. We believe disciples are people who are becoming one with Christ, one with each other and one in mission to the whole world. We would like all of our members to grow in grace and we want to offer opportunities to help the process.

We know that God is molding and shaping us, and we believe that we can be more open to this process by participating in various 'means of grace'. Some 'means of grace' available at Benton First areā€¦

We strive to develop a pathway to meet our members at various stages as we are being transformed. Please contact the church office at 270-527-3990 or email with your questions and comments.

Personal Map

The personal Ministry Action Plan is designed to help you discover where you are currently on your discipleship journey. Take the self assessment to see where you might place yourself in being one with Christ, one with others and one in ministry to the whole world. Then prayerfully consider which area you will focus on stepping up, as we grow together in grace.

Download Personal Map - Self Assessment