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High School Discussion Notes

Revelation Study

I would like to invite and encourage all youth parents to download the notes from our discussion sessions. It’s important that you are just as much of a part of their spiritual walk as the church and youth workers are. While we may not cover everything in the notes, they do provide information about topics you can talk with your son and daughter about. The notes are meant to help steer discussions, but we by no means just read everything off of them. We invite the youth to dig in deep and explore the bible and what it teaches on their own. Our motto is, to “not be a dumb Christian.” Simply meant, know what you believe and why!

Revelation - Introduction
Revelation - Chapter One
Revelation - Chapter Two (part 1)
Revelation - Chapter Two (part 2)
Revelation - Chapter Three (part 1)
Revelation - Chapter Three (part 2)
Revelation - Chapter Four
Revelation - Chapter Five
Revelation - Chapter Six (part 1)
Revelation - Chapter Six (part 2)
Revelation - Chapter Seven
Revelation - Chapter Eight
Revelation - Chapter Nine
Revelation - Chapter Ten
Revelation - Chapter Eleven
Revelation - Chapter Twelve

Youth Group Consent Forms

The staff at Benton First UMC take the safety and care of your child seriously. We require a Consent Form to be completed and signed by an appropriate guardian for any youth group member that takes part in our Youth Group activities and events. This form contains contact information and medical care information in the event we need to contact you or your child needs medical attention. It is extremely important that we have this information readily available and thank you for making sure the form is completed for your child.

The form can be downloaded below and returned to the church office

If you have any questions, please contact the church office or any member of the parent youth council members.

Download Youth Group Consent Form

Senior Scholarship Opportunities

Grace Nelson Scholarship

Each year, Three Crosses Church offers a scholarship opportunity for our graduating seniors who meet the scholarship requirements which is awarded by our scholarship committee. If—you are a graduating senior and want more information, please contact the church office at 270-527-3990.
Requirement For Application

Download Grace Nelson Scholarship Application

Study Notes