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Who We Are

Our Beliefs

We are a Christian body of Jesus followers, holding to long-held Biblical beliefs. We also affirm the perspectives of the Wesleyan movement—holding together grace and truth, forgiveness and holy living, evangelism and the loving ministry of meeting the needs of the poor and hurting.

We believe that God's grace is the foundation of our relationship with Him. God makes the first move toward us, and He enables us to respond by receiving His love or walking away.

We believe that we are justified and forgiven of our sin by faith in Jesus Christ, not because of anything that we do, but solely because Jesus lived a life of perfect obedience, sacrificed His life by dying on the cross, and because He rose from the dead three days later.

We believe that God loves us so much, that He does more than forgive us. He gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit, makes us one with Him, and He brings actual transformation to our lives.

Our Faith

and a choice we make. It’s trusting in God and relying on God as the source and destiny of our lives. Faith is believing in God, giving God our devoted loyalty and allegiance. Faith is following Jesus, answering the call to be his disciples in the world. Faith is hoping for God’s future, leaning into the coming kingdom that God has promised. Faith-as-belief is active; it involves trusting, believing, following, hoping.

All of this is a work of God's grace

Jesus Christ is the hope of the world, and we believe that the local church is the venue to share that hope. The church is the movement of those who trust in Jesus Christ for salvation, who follow Him in obedience, who worship Him, and are sent out into the world with the good news of what Jesus has done. The church is not a club for people who are perfect. The church is the gathering for all who recognize our need for God's grace and who are searching for God's presence and power in the midst of our lives.

In line with the teaching of Holy Scripture, we believe...

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